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Exclusively Yours originally opened its doors on the East Coast and California in 1994. At that time we carried hand made designed clothing and jewelry as well as a line of Aromatherapy Products for healing. We closed our stores and turned to ecommerce which was newly emerging.  Jewel Tyler took a break from business to pursue her Doctorate of Naturopathy.  

Her creative juices would not allow her to be still too long.  She is also co-owner of AnR Fashion.  Jewel decided to also branch our and open Exclusively Yours.

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Jewel Tyler

A brief bio of the owner:

Jewel Tyler is a native of Washington, D.C., she spent her younger years giving back to the community through a youth Arts organization she founded.  In 1978 she began her modeling career for various fashion designers in the D.C. area.  After several years of modeling, Jewel decided to begin her fashion designing career.  She had learned how to sew at the age of 11, from her grandmother a long time seamstress. 

Jewel was the founder and manager of the Ominisance Modeling Organization.  Along with her modeling organization, Jewel designed and made all of the fashions.  This team appeared at the Apollo Theater in New York, several shows at the Washington D.C. Convention center for many benefit affairs.

Jewel left D.C. in 1989 to pursue her fashion design career in Los Angeles, California. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her into several successful business ventures. She opened a chain of Exclusively Yours stores on the east and west coast - featuring handmade aromatherapy products, clothing and jewelry.  She continued her fashion design career in the entertainment world as an image consultant to new and existing recording artists.

Jewel has received numerous certificates over the years as a guest lecturer for colleges and universities.  Her awards include nods from the late Mayor Tom Bradley, Michael Woo as well as Maxine Waters in Los Angeles, for her successful fashion design business and youth outreach programs.  Jewel obtained her Doctor of Naturopathy degree January 2015.

She enjoys painting, making jewelry and creating designs for her new business venture.